Friday, August 30, 2013

My Time in Belgium:Brussels

Yesterday I went to Brussels with all of the other exchange students! It was so fun! All three of the districts were there for a total of over 250 exchange students!! I made a lot of friends and everyone was so nice! I also traded a lot of pins, so now my blazer is getting full! (YAY). 
We went to the royal palace, parliament, and I think the court house or something like that, and ate lunch (of course!). I'm going to keep this short so here are some pictures haha

Photo is loadingmy first beer in Belgium...

Photo is loadingin front of the royal palace yesterday

Photo is loadingNew friends in Brussels!

Photo is loadingLUNCH!!

Photo is loadingAll of the students in Parliament

Photo is loadingThe head of Brussels parliament (I think) and I!

Photo is loadingFanions from basically everywhere...

 ALL of the Exchange Students!!!!!

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