Monday, September 2, 2013


Hi Guys! It's just me again, updating you on life as an exchange student! :)
A lot has went on my first week here! I went to Brussels, and had an Orientation of my Rotary district!
The orientation was on Saturday and it was quite fun but reallllyyyy hot! I met lots of new friends and I was able to meet up with the ones I made in Brussels! Over all, It was a great day. Here are some pics of orientation:
Me with some exchange student friends!
My host mother, Isabelle, and I. She is the best!!
Maxim and I. He is a Belgium rotex, he went to Japan and is very funny and nice!

Another group of Exchange friends! They are all so nice!

Alright, so then on Sunday I went into town with my family and some friends of their's, we had lunch and drinks. After that we went to an Agriculture exhibition! Some photos...

 I tried a beer at lunch, my host mother said I could try one, it was okay, but a little hard to finish (which I did!!)
I got to see my favorite sport at the ag fair! Show Jumping!! whoo! a little side story... I REALLY HAD TO USE THE RESTROOM. So I practically run to the line and am waiting and there is a quite handsome boy in front of me holding his show clothes and horse's boots, so when it comes time for him to use the restroom he turns to me and starts talking to me in rapid French asking me to hold his stuff. So I replied in French that I really didn't understand and was sorry. So basically he just shoves this really nice stuff into my hands and goes to the bathroom while I am standing there waiting almost wetting my pants and I had to go so bad that I just gave him back his stuff without even getting his name... It was HILARIOUS!
What do you know... I ran into an exchange student! Lucas! He is so nice :)
We had our host parents go into this, Isabelle and Alain, they are definitely the best! I love them so much they are awesome :D
Oh and I saw a bunch of John Deere's! Whoo!

Okay so now it is Monday, tonight we (all of the students in Herve) go to French lessons in Verviers, I hope it will be fun. Also, on Wednesday, I start school!! But it only goes until about noon on Wednesdays... But I am hoping to have lots of fun!

Okay, I am going to go now!

See ya and love you guys!


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