Sunday, October 13, 2013

La Belgique est un Rêve

So many things cramped into so little time...

Since I last saw you guys I've done about a million things, so I think I will just post a picture (like normal) with description. At the end there is a general life up date type thing, so make sure to go all the way to the bottom!

First rotary meeting here in Belgium, with rotary club Herve, they were nice enough to give us polos with our names and cow key chains for our blazers, as well as a moule shell to remember our moule day!

This is in a mine (de Blegny).. On wednesdays the rotary 1630 takes us different places to basically keep us out of trouble, I like going though because you see a lot of cool stuff (not to mention all of the other exchange students) oh and did I mention they always give us a snack??

These two are from Julemont, it's like every weekend in autumn there is basically a party with music and dancing in a different village. They're really fun and it gives me the opportunity to see friends from school and stuff... Anyway, it's really fun!

This was in my village, or, well, Thimistier... It was when there was a small carnival type thing and also Thimistier's weekend for the fete (village party basically). So I had a waffle... and frites... But the waffle, it was amazing! Here you see me, eating a waffle smothered in chocolate and whipped cream (shantilly ou creme freshe)

This is the same weekend as above, Me and my wonderful host parents, and Olivia, the Coloradian that lives in my same host family :D

 This is actually after the picture below. My host family and I (I mean the whole family of my host mom: siblings, kids, parents...) went to this farm and played golf. It's basically with a mini soccer ball and a huge wooden golf club type thing, then you try like normal golf to get it in the hole, don't forget to look out for the cows! 
This picture though, is me eating ice cream, my host dad had the same kind. The ice cream was really good and homemade, everyone had a dessert, with a beer or an apple juice...

 This was taken right after I hit the ball for the first time... It was going to be a really good drive but then it hit Olivia... Needless to say you can tell everyone laughed their butts off, it was pretty funny!
A day in Liege! After meeting up with some good friends we went to go get some liege waffles. This one just so happens to be a waffle with holes poked in it then chocolate sticks stuck in the holes, which then melt into a chocolatly waffle goodness!

Kayak day with the rotex!!! It was so fun, this is a group picture, I'm in the back next to the really tall Brazilian with a mexican girl (Paulina) on my shoulders holding an american flag...

Another group, This is (from left to right) Tomas, Paulina, Lisandro, me, Frida, and Soichi (Japan). It happened that I would kayak with Soichi, which was really fun, every time he would get wet expletives in English would come out of his mouth... Just too funny
Annnddd GERMANY!! We went hiking in some kind of national forest that if you went off the wooden path you would supposedly disappear, I was told they are glades, or marshes. Anyway, here, Belgium is my right foot, Germany is my left foot, the while line dividing the block is the border. Pretty cool huh?

So then we visited a German village, pretty small, pretty beautiful, I want to go back and spend more time (aka, buy some stuff and take pictures)

Eben-Emael, another Wednesday activity with Rotary. We saw this tank and basically everyone jumped on it for a group picture, I just can't believe the flags didn't come out...

The entrance to the fort, it was actually pretty cool and reconstructed (set up) in a way that you could see where the soldiers and personnel would be living and doing daily activities and defense in the fort. We even saw where an explosion happened, it was pretty neat, seeing the bullet holes in the structure and the destruction of the explosion made the experience all the more real.

Philippe (the man in the picture below) had a HUGE party (I mean huge, with food, drinks, magicians, acts, a band, everything) for his 50 year of his architecture business or something like that. Anyway... The above picture is me and Francis, he's by far my favorite rotarian. He comes up to me and is like no beer! Me: I know Francis then he asks me if I want one, so of course I say sure (as you can see, he got me one, how nice!)

Philippe Corman (my YEO, the best in Belgique) 

Maurine, Olivia, and I, we went to tour a place where people learn the chocolate making business (or, well, the factory business) But we saw chocolates being made, so I was happy :D

 The chocolate part.

 After the chocolate part, we went to a different place, it happened to be a COFFEE FACTORY. HELLO?! It was awesome, even though I don't really like hot coffee.

 Rotary activity in Namur!!! This is me and my oldie from Australia, Danica, in Parliament, which was pretty cool...

I guess the guy in the sweater is some really good soccer player from Brazil, I have no idea, I just know he was like hey let's get a picture, Okay, sure.

 Group picture!!! If you look to the right, right next to the Argentinian flag is me holding a small american flag. (taken right before we got on the boat)

Les Mexicains, and one japonese going to photo bomb the picture

Me and Edgar (mexico) He is so funny!

On the boat ride thing

And again.. Group of friends, Exchange students, truly the best friends in the entire WORLD

We were on the boat, when suddenly we passed by this HUGE... CASTLE (house and mansion just don't explain this) Beautiful! 

 At the end of the day in Namur, I traded a bunch of pins, and received a bunch. I started out in Belgium with 300 plus pins and some bracelets to give out after Brussels and now Namur, I only have about thirty some pins left.

 My blazer, as you can see it's getting pretty filled up, I started putting stuff on the back, and as you can see I have a whole arm dedicated to Mexico...


Okay, so it's now autumn, and I guess for Belgium this consists of weather around 48 degrees Fahrenheit, some wind, and basically RAIN. EVERY.DAY. I hate rain! I would rather it snow un beaucoup. Besides this, Belgium is pretty great, they are on their way to the world cup (GO BELGIQUE). I've only gotten a little homesick, sometimes I just get a little sad, then something great happens in the same day and I'm back to laughing my ass off with my friends. Anyway.. I totally forget what else I was going to write...