Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Belgium... FINALLY

After a long time of waiting, three airplanes, and countless hours spent in airports I have finally (as of Sunday) arrived in Belgium! 
My host family is THE BEST, they are so nice and understanding, we have a lot of laughs! Also, Olivia, another girl from the U.S. lives here to with my host family she is really awesome too!
Most of all, Belgium is beautiful, the history, the landscape, the architecture... it's amazing!
So far I have visited an abbey (with a crypt)and we also ate ice cream (la glace) and had beer(bière), which I didn't like (Je n'aime pas!). We went for a walk around the neighborhood and saw plenty of cows and other animals (J'habite a la campagne). Today, we went to town and visited the bank, and a pastry shop (I had an eclair) AND ALSO MY SCHOOL!!! My school seems very nice, it is five years old and the people are very nice too! The headmaster told me A LOT of information about school, and how everything works (in French and if I didn't understand then in English). When we got home Olivia and I played a little game of cards, then went for a swim IN THE POOL! It was cold, but not that cold. 
Now, I am very excited for our Rotary trip to Brussels on thursday, we get to visit the palace!! 

anyway, more to come soon!
à bientôt
the view from my bedroom :)

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  1. What an awesome view. Glad your getting settled in and having a great time. Look forward to hearing about your experience there.

    With love from Florida,