Thursday, April 3, 2014

Okay... I'm a procrastinator so I haven't posted since December... So here is JANUARY!!!

First off; I went to Brugge with the Rotary (again, I know I already went there...) so here are just some pictures of that adventure... Brugge is technically nicknamed "little venice" (that is the translation in French) for the canals, as you can see in the first picture.

Here I am feeding a horse made out of jeans... It's not really that big of a deal but I really like horses and this thing was looking pretty cool so I had to take a picture with the horse :D (you gotta admit it turned out pretty cool!)

We went on a walking tour and ended up going through this brick wall barracade type of thing only to come out on the other side and find.... HOUSES OF NUNS!! These little white houses used to house nuns (and some still do) way back in the day, they really were quite beautiful (especially with the trees) but they do all look the same, so that's a drawback I would say...

Before I changed host families (I'll get to that part) Alain and Isa took us to one last place, which just happened to be a castle!! The castle was pretty neat, we toured all of the rooms and learned a lot about the whole thing (because it was a tour; so there was a guide to talk about all of the features of the castle, I love it when that happens).

This one is a tear jerker (not really, I didn't cry). However this is my last family photo with the Hubins, I miss them dearly but my new family is quite nice (they really are great). But I will always have my first mom here in Belgium along with all my sisters and especially my dad Alain... I will (or am I guess) really miss my sisters (after all I have none in the USA and my sisters here are the greatest!!). They were the best family an exchange student could ask for and I am so greatful to have been able to be a part of their family, even just for a short time! 
(Olivia, Alain, Isabelle, Me, Maurine, Laurie)

Let's admit it, you can't have a blog post without a picture with your best friend eating waffles covered in chocolate (because this is what we are doing here)
Just thought I would share the delishiousness!
   (this is also in my new home!)

My Rotary club is always taking us on these wicked multiple hour hikes up and down hills and all of the place only to be followed by a weird meal. So this next picture is from one of those times, we hiked for probably four hours. I lost my shoe in the mud (my legs were covered in freezing mud because the ground thawed while we were walking and it was just a wet disaster). But at the end of the hike we walked some more and then climbed up this huge lookout tower only to find the most amazing view of Belgium (and some Germany). Anyway, the hike, the climb up the tower (it was deadly because of the stair/ice combination) was all worth it to get this great picture. Looking out in the picture (if I remember right) on the left there is this huge cloud of white... smoke... that doesn't look natural, yeah, that's a nuclear power plant, then to the right of that would be Brussels, more right Li├Ęge and eventually Herve, then wayyy to the right would be some Germany. That just gives you a slight idea of how high we were (I think Philippe said that we were at the highest point in Belgium, so that makes sense!).

Alright; there is more to come soon,because this is just a little bit of what I've got to share, but for now, goodbye!