Thursday, August 22, 2013

BELGIUM BOUND: August 24 2013 DBQ -> BRU

Hey Friends,
Photo: It's HERE!!!!
She is Outta Here!!!After a lonnnggg wait I have FINALLY received my Visa! It came in the mail today and boy, was I excited!
So, here's a little bit of a story. It has taken forever to get this thing! I first applied for it after I got back from France in June. I finally got it all ready to go in the BEGINNING of AUGUST after I received my guarantee form from the Belgium Rotary. Here, the Rotary had misplaced my paperwork/application so it took a while to get the GF. SO, thankfully the Belgium consulate pushed my application through and they and the wonderful ladies at Tzell got it all done in just about one week. Then today, the thing that will change my life forever arrived on my doorstep in a nice big, white, envelope. THANK GOD.

Anyway, now I will be leaving this Saturday and arriving on Sunday in Brussels, I CAN'T WAIT. But before that I have a lot of packing to do, friends and family to say goodbye to, and a Government course I have to finish. One thing I got done for the week: SENIOR PICTURES! My wonderful cousin Tony and his beloved, Sarah, took about five hours out of their busy schedules to parade me around downtown in the warehouse district, a farm, with horses, and the school football field. And when it was finally all done, WE WENT TO HAPPY JOES. Can you say DELICIOUS?! I can! I am so glad that those are finally done and can't wait to see final edits! Hopefully there are some good ones hahaha.

Alright, more stories/pictures/adventures/stuff to come later so I will see you all later! In the meantime, here are some pictures of BEAUTIFUL FRANCE!

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