Tuesday, June 11, 2013

France Trip: 12-27 June 2013

Waking up at eight o'clock in the morning this morning, I found my packing list in the myriad of papers I had stuffed into my backpack at the end of the school year. Being only one day away from leaving, it was most certainly time to pack my bags for the 15 day French trip that I have been attending meetings for since October.
After diligently going through the packing list and picking out this or that to but into my bag, I started to carefully put things into it. By the time I was finished, I still had room to spare and my bag was still not to max capacity (a whopping 50 pounds allowed by the airline). All this took me about four whole hours (I ended at about 1:30).
Ok. So finally I was done with packing and ready to get my butt out of the house. It was clearly time to call Jimmy. Or, well, text him. It was totally a hot day out today (80 ish). Knowing this we planned to go ice skating, as my last day in america for a whole two weeks this was a great way to use my time up (hello, who wouldn't want to go ice skating with the best boy friend ever?!). After skating, we got ice cream at Cold Stone (whoo!). Today I also went to visit my VIP soccer kids, I swear, they get more and more amazing every time I see them! Now I'm just chilling on the back porch with my family, waiting for the steaks to get cooked to perfection (I love my family... and their cooking!).
Alright, now that I went through THAT boring spiel, I AM SO READY FOR FRANCE!
Until next time,

Before packing

the Middle, "I am ready to put stuff in this suitcase now" stage.

the after-ish stage of packing..
(the bag isn't full!!!)

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