Sunday, September 15, 2013

Three Weeks Gone By = Too Fast

Now that I have this out of my system, here is the low-down :)
Since the last time you heard from me... I went to a Rotary "campout," started school (found out Chemistry here SUCKS), went to Liege [;)], went to french lessons (kind of), concert at The Spirit of 66, birthday party, and a Rotary Moules dinner (I did SO MANY dishes), and well, I just ate a LOT of food...

Alright, I don't have enough time to write a bunch about all of these, so I'm just going to put some pictures and short stories :)
first day of school: CRMT
Rotary campout: Ate a lot of food, went on a nature hike, got locked in the attic room, and ate a lot of food, oh and found a friendly draft horse 
Les Filles :)
the view!!!
Nature walk...
did I mention food!?
un cheval!
My first basket ball game...No really, I'm serious!!

^^ Liege! oh fun times :)
School Friends (yes mom, I do actually have friends ;)
The Spirit of 66 (popa chubby is the band)

Moules lunch thing

General update... thing
Basically... I am just great. Like, I love Belgium so much (that sounds so typical teenager) but it really is! I love this place, the food, the people, the culture, the fun it is all so amazing and this opportunity is one of the greatest things my mom has been able to give to me (thanks mom, I am so very lucky to have you!!) 
You guys are probably wondering about my host family too eh? Well, here's the deal, they are so basically like my real family that when we are at events I'm just like, "have you seen my parents??" Seriously, they are great. I get along so well with them, my parents that is and my host sisters of course (they are amazing!)  They make me feel right at home, it is the best I could ever hope for!
Also, I have already met my next two families, they seem pretty excited to have me in their homes! One of my future mothers even told me today (in French) "I can not wait until you are in my home!" Her saying this made me so happy, it is great how everyone here is so accepting and nice to us. 
I also can't believe I have already been here three weeks! Soon it will be a month, then two, then ohh I don't want to think about it! haha I am having a great time, learning a bunch, making friends, going places, it is truly awesome.
Alors, this is getting way to long so I'm just going to post this thing before I accidentally delete it and have to start all over...
If you have any questions or just want to talk post a comment or hit me up on email/facebook/skype (I will try to respond but, you know, exchange life and all)
Okay, that's it. See you all another time!

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