Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I've been up to in MONTH TWO

Halloween, I went as Rosie Riviter... Somehow there were two of me... who would of thought there would be two Rosies in a foreign country?!

At the Foire de Liege (like a fair). I obviously got a giant waffle dipped in chocolate then smothered with whipped cream, I mean, who wouldn't get one of these?!

We went to an apple fest at Weigemont... So we also went for a walk and we ended up taking pictures by this water fall on a rock. I was thinking the whole time.. "please, just take my picture I can't see anything I'm being blinded please"
Weigemont, It's a beautiful picture I took, so I just had to share my master photo skills ;)
This is a giant slide, a GIANT slide! It was so awesome I just had to go down it, and it ended up being really bumpy, plus there was a sign saying in ten different languages "use of slide during rain is prohibited" of course that just made me want to come back in the rain because it would be so much more awesome!!
Halloween again, my exchange crew ;) Left to right its Danica (australia) Guillermo (Paraguay) Me, Lucas (Brazil) and Jessica (ohio)
During vacation I went on a tour of Liege, and this isn't even at the top of the stairs, I just had to take a break before I continued. On the way down, we got soaked, literally. We were so wet because it poured.

So that is basically it, I have a few other things to say and a few other things to post but that can wait maybe a day or two... or a week.
Next  you can look forward to:
Scout camp weekend
Horse back riding
Shadowing a vet in Belgium

So as you can see there is much more interesting things to come, so don't forget to "check in" on me periodically... or just follow me that's cool too!


  1. Holli! Looks like you're having an awesome time in Belgica! Where in Paraguay is Guillermo from??

    1. Hey cat! Yeah! todos bien!! (I hope that makes sense haha) Guillermo is from uh, EncarnaciĆ³n, Paraguay or something like that :)

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